IT Security

Data Security is a complex topic and can be overwhelming to tackle. With cloud computing, you have many more areas of concern than before; “your mom and dad’s network” was simple by comparison.

Hackers and Malware

Many customers initially think of primarily 2 aspects to security—Malware protection and firewalls. The IT consultants at Tierra IT know security is much more than that. Having a quality firewall with stateful packet inspection (SPI) that's kept up to date, is a good start. We recommend ESET for malware protection and SonicWALL or EdgeMAX for firewall protection. But firewall and malware protection is only a start. Beware, having these things in place is not a "set and forget" situation. It's a minimum requirement and it requires regular attention by a qualified and experienced IT service provider.

Physical, Data, and Network Security

To actually understand how broad of an area security can be, consider the kinds of security and their vulnerabilities. There are 3 kinds of security to think about: Physical, Data and Network. Did you know that if someone grabs your hard drive in most cases they can read everything on it using a $50 caddy device from BestBuy? And assuming there are basic measures in place to protect unwanted viewing of the data, that unless those measures are robust a hacker can still get at the good stuff? The situation is more disconcerting because even novice hackers don’t need to be physically at your computer—there are other targets to hack at remotely. Targets like Cloud accounts, accessing PCs and Macs directly over the WiFi or LAN, and mobile devices. A competent hacker can get the “lay of the LAN” using free tools that anyone can get off the Internet, and then go for the soft targets from there. Our security services will ensure this doesn't happen to you.

Malware Removal Now

If your computer has been infected with malware, we can often help right away. With your authorization, we securely remote in, and in most cases remove the malware or virus, or at least get to a point of safe functionality until a technician arrives. Call us: 415-386-2866.

Proactive Strategies

We implement proactive strategies following best practice guidelines which we've developed through the years, and then keep the security regimen monitored and up-to-date.

Contact us for a free on-site security evaluation: 415-386-2866.

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