Managed Services

With a Managed Services plan your business will benefit from:

IT without the hype

The term Managed Services is sometimes thrown about to help provide credibility. The services offered may or may not be truly "managed". What it should mean is that the computer consultant or firm provides their service, or the core of their services, at a fixed cost. How do they (we) do it?

How it works

It’s simple, though it requires initial work by both provider and customer to make it happen. In a fixed price arrangement, the IT firm truly wants to make your environment unbreakable. Initially, the IT firm does a project that may culminate in the user interface looking much like it did before—but with back end changes to make certain user choices restricted. The IT firm thus minimizes what can be broken. The customer has some work to do, too. You'll need to consider what operations on a computer and network need to be flexible. A good IT firm will provide a checklist to go through, and will follow up with good discovery interviews of users and management. Thus the firm can really gauge which areas can be locked down, which areas can be restricted, and which areas need to remain open.

After the discovery interview and follow-on Q&A, we create a plan which enables us to provide on-going IT services at a superior service level. Once we're done with the initial work we sit down with you and review our operations processes, service levels and critical response scenarios.

Better ROI

Our proposed cost incorporates several driving factors that push our price down:

The result is a robust environment at a fixed price—and customers who enjoy real return on their investment. Our goal is to make your network unbreakable. We do this with a best-practice approach, which requires a well thought-out initial plan. The resulting Windows network is easier to use and maintain, assuming it is well maintained by a firm that understands the behind-the-scenes technologies that Microsoft provides with every server installation.

No worries

It doesn't matter if the effort to achieve your best-practice environment is big or small. Pricing is determined by the size and complexity of your environment, and not the current state of your environment. How can we do this? Microsoft provides tools and methodologies that are often under utilized to their full potential. With a vision toward transformation, we properly leverage the existing potential of your environment. Simply put, we work smarter.

We believe strongly in the value of Managed Services and feel most companies and departments from 30 to 120 employees should be in this kind of arrangement to meet their IT needs. Tierra IT will make Managed Services a win for your business.

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