Tierra Optimal Platform Services (TOPs)

Tierra Optimal Platform Services (TOPs) is a suite of services we’ve combined and packaged in a way that gives small business and professional an extreme value proposition. Tierra ITconfigures, integrates, deploys, and manages cloud based services from best-of-class cloud vendors. We leverage product strengths such that businesses get the features they need with the unbounded cloud capacity they want.

TOPs Solution Estimated Pricing
Unlimited Backups Cloud SMB—backup unlimited server or PC data to the cloud; folder or image backup; unlimited version - $24.99 month/PC
- $49.99 month/server
Unlimited Backup Cloud Enterprise—backup any number of servers or PC’s for up to 5 office locations - $199.99/month/company
Dropbox for Business—the same Dropbox you use but with enterprise capabilities to facilitate team collaboration and protected access. Also integrates with Office, Salesforce and Vimeo. Requires active service agreement with Tierra IT. - $60/month for 5 users
- $12/user thereafter
Compliance Cloud for Business—similar in capability to Dropbox for Business, but with hardened security, granular Access Control Lists, transaction logging. - $24.99/user, Active Directory integrated
- $14.99/user, professional version
Secure Update Cloud—managed and vetted windows updates that prevent line-of-business applications from breaking and also ensure all users get the patches they need. Also could-managed updates of JAF (Java, Adobe Reader, Flash) - $99.99/user/year – includes the Blue Ultimate Backup Service Plan (below)
- Free with any above plan or the - Ultimate Backup Service plan (below)
- Included with rTierra SMB or Enterprise service plans
Compliant Backup Cloud—Military grade encryption and account compliance to meet HIPAA, FINRA and other Federal privacy requirements. Multiple data centers. Unlimited versions, VMWare and Azure enabled. Cloud storage limits are below. There is no limit when backing images up on the network. - $199.99/month/company, unlimited, Platinum
- $85.99/month/company, 300GB, Gold
- $34.99/month/company, 100GB, Silver
- $19.99/month/company, 35GB, Bronze
- $9.99/month/company, 5GB, Blue


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